Institute of Pathological Processes Simulation and Analysis

Director: Associate Professor Valeriy Dmytrovych Diduh - Candidate of Physics and Mathematics

Deputy Director of Educational work: Prof. Iryna Mykolaivna Melnychuk – Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences

Deputy Director of Scientific work: Prof. Yuriy Ivanovych Bondarenko - Doctor of Medical Sciences

Departments of:

  • Pathological Physiology
  • Disaster Medicine and Military Medicine
  • Medical Physics diagnostic and medical equipment
  • Philosophy and Social Sciences
  • Ukrainian language
  • International languages

Research Institute of modeling and analysis of pathological processes was organized by Resolution of Academic Council since June 8, 2005 on the basis of theoretical departments of Medical Faculty.

The building of Research Institute of modeling and analysis of pathological processes (Аddress: Chekhova Street, 3)

On September 1, 2015 the departments of Disaster Medicine and Military Medicine, Ukrainian language, International languages, Philosophy and Social Sciences, Medical Physics diagnostic and medical equipment have moved into the new building of the university.

The new building of the university (Аddress: Doroshenka Street, 7)

September 1, 2015 is the significant day in the history of Research Institute of modeling and analysis of pathological processes

Consecration of the new building

First day of study

The Director takes leadership of the Institute. Work of the Institute is coordinated by Academic Council. Academic Council meetings and methodical commissions are held in accordance with the approved plan. The agenda, resolutions and orders are placed on Web-site.

The most important direction in the activities of the institute is the organization of educational process, creation of optimal learning conditions for students who meet the main goal: implementation of Bologna principles in the learning process through the introduction of credit-modular system and organization of independent work of students, formation of students in the fundamentals of evidence-based medicine and clinical epidemiology and logical understanding of medical issues, creation and implementation in the educational process and scientific activities of new information systems and technology through the development of its own and acquired virtual applications of digital technology, computer graphics of experimental and mathematical modeling, creation and rigging of trainer classes with torsos with electronic sensor devices and video systems for training emergency medical assistance.

Research laboratories, certified within TSNL of University operate at the Institute.

Educational and methodical work

All the methodological and organizational information on timetables, reworks of missed classes, curricula of lectures and practical classes is located on the Web-site of the University. Departments are provided with necessary number of textbooks, manuals, methodological developments, and current textbooks adapted to the credit-modular educational system.

Educational Methods combines learning and mastering of practical skills required in doctor’s practice.

The educational process at the Institute occurs towards the quality reconstruction: the creation and appropriate equipping of the laboratories for carring out practicals classes with students; the heightening of lecturers’ qualification at clinical bases, laboratories with appropriate direction of pathology; the creation of methodical materials (the work programs from each discipline, the methodological recommendations for lecturers , the methodological instructions for students, the students’ self-preparation materials for classes are are placed on the Web-sites of the departments, tests for students’ knowledge test control on each class, tests for distance students’ knowledge test control in the ”Moodle” system, tests for students’ knowledge independent complex test control during the semester examination, the development of practically oriented classes for each topic). The reconstruction of the educational process is going intensively with using the video systems and distance form of studying.

At the department of Medical Physics diagnostic and medical equipment are learned the physical basis of the functioning of modern devices and settings. 55 virtual simulators developed by lecturers and employees of the Department of virtual university programmes are used for a better students’ perception of the physical principles of the structure and operation of the corresponding equipment.

Virtual CT simulator

Virtual MRI simulator

Video systems are used at the Departments of the Institute

There is an intensive study of Latin and Ukrainian terminology which is widely used in medical practice. There is a daily work on the study of English-language materials required for the formation and use of communication skills.

Distance form of studying was introduced at the Department

Learning process at the Department of Disaster Medicine and Military Medicine is carried out almost exclusively in oriented direction. Teachers designed structured system for providing emergency medical assistance, which they use in the educational process and during the conferences and training. Classes are held at the ambulance substation, which makes it possible to observe and participate in providing students at all stages of medical care. Working methods of providing emergency medical assistance are performed on phantoms, according to established protocols.

The practical skill of rendering of emergency care to victims is worked on the class

At the Department of Disaster Medicine and Military Medicine was established an emergency care class, where students can practice on mannequins practical skills, view videos of real natural disasters, earthquake, by means of which is worked the tactics of rendering of aid to victims.

The departments of the Institute of modeling and analysis of pathological processes are generally provided with enough training equipment for an adequate student’s level. At the Departments the independent work of students is organized in accordance with the schedules which are placed on the bulletin boards and on the Web-sites of the departments by regular teachers from 15.30 to 21.30. Students have an opportunity to get acquainted with the equipment, training facilities, consider micro preparations, use library, computers, Intranet and Internet and other learning tools. If necessary, the regular teacher advises and helps to learn the complex issues of various sections of discipline.

Scientific work

A scientific laboratory operates at the Institute, equipped with electrocardiographs, centrifuges, spectrophotometers

The Institute has professional seminar of specialized Learned Council D 58.601.01, Specialty: “Pathological Physiology”. The institute organizes international, national and regional level scientific conferences, international ambulance competitions.

Participants of the regional competition of ambulance

Participants of International Ambulance competition

Participants of the conference "Actual problems of pathology in conditions of extreme factors on the body."

Close relationships with international universities and research centers are established.

On the way to modernization the significant improvement of the teaching process is expected, the basis of which will be the improving of the material base of the Departments, the re-equipping of laboratories in accodance with Z-system of teaching, the introduction of new information and communication technologies, virtual programs, computer graphics, video systems, improved methods of monitoring of students’ knowledge, the deepening of scientific research towards the application and introduction of advanced technological processes of mathematical and experimental modeling purposely to study the health and social phenomena, scientific analysis and development of test technologies.

Educational work

A multifaceted patriotic educational work is conducted among the students.

Excursion with the students to Olesky castle

Shevchenko reading" in a group, 3rd year students of Medical Faculty

Prospects of development the Research Institute of modeling and analysis of pathological processes are to:

1. Ensure the Departments of the Institute with Video systems.

2. Create the video simulators, considering the needs of the Departments of the Institute.

3. Introduce the innovative technologies in the educational process.

4. Organize the video conferences with the Departments of Higher Medical Educational Institutions.